Natural Language Search

Tired of searching your credit card and bank accounts to find a transaction, or wondering where your money is going? Ask XOBI anything related to your accounts in your own words. Finally, a way to get to know your finances!

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    Always have access to all your accounts in one app

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    Get answers to your finances in your own words

Enriched Digital Library

XOBI uses state of the art algorithms to enrich your transactions with the correct spelling of the name, address, phone number, URL, logo and category. You may also personalize your transactions with notes, photos, ratings, receipts, or change the XOBI assigned category.

Life Events

One thing we discovered about our transactions-- they naturally create a timeline for recalling an event. Whether the purpose is to share a vacation with a friend, organize expenses from a party to split the cost, or keep better records for a business trip, XOBI gives you the power to recreate meaningful memories.

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    Transactions provide the framework

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    Share memories or business expenses

Receipt Capture

Ever feel like the one receipt you needed is always missing? We've added smart technology to match your receipts to your transactions. Simply snap a photo or email your receipts to your personalized address and XOBI does the rest.

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    Forward emails to your personalized address

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    Snap a photo and we'll take сare of the rest

Security & Privacy

Designed from the top down to give you privacy and security without compromise. After creating a XOBI account, you will be prompted for your online credentials (username and password). We utilize those credentials only once to establish a secure end-to-end link between our application running on your device and your online account. After that initial secure handshake, the username and password are immediately discarded.

All transaction data we aim to deliver is encrypted (secured) upon collection, in transit, and is stored using encryption and proprietary tokenization architecture. The transaction data can only be decrypted on your uniquely identified iOS device after you log into the XOBI app.

View our Technical White Paper

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    Data Security

    Physically secured data center- biometric access, 24/7 video surveillance, electronic lock systems.

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    All transactions are tokenized, encrypted twice, and kept in a secure server.

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    Data Encryption

    Our app is doubly secured first with AES 128-bit encryption and secondly with SSL/TLS.

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    Account Safeguards

    Multi-factor authentication, automatic logouts, and ID verification help prevent unauthorized access.

About Us

We are building the next generation in personal finance.

Our goal is to revolutionize the relationship between people and their money.

Join Us

Step one is information

Designed to empower the consumer through the power of knowledge.  XOBI — with its intuitive, beautiful interface creates a real time digital library of all your spending and savings wrapped into one simple to use app. Whether you're a college student living on a budget, or managing multi-million dollar portfolios, XOBI is a powerful, addictive tool — built for the way we all live our lives and spend our money in this digital age. You can connect XOBI to any of your existing credit card and bank accounts.

Know more   Live better

The XOBI app is step one on a larger mission. XOBI seeks to reinvent banking for the 21st century by giving the power to the consumer. The empowered client, with instant access to all their spending and savings will have powerful control over their financial life — their personal life — and ultimately their happiness. The next generation of personal finance is here. XOBI, a financial happiness company.


To help answer your questions, XOBI enriches your transactions with the correct spelling of the name, address, phone number, URL, logo and category when available. You may also personalize your transactions with tags, notes, photos, receipts, or change the XOBI assigned category. XOBI suggests questions that it can answer based on your data.


How much did I spend last week?


How much did I spend on Fast Food last year?


What stores did I visit the most in April?


How much did I spend on clothing this year versus last?


Show me my credit card payments


Show me transactions with tags like
“Arthur Christmas”


Show me events like “Florida Vacation”


What stores did I visit in Boston?
Location-based questions may be limited in scope. Some of your transactions may not have location data available.


By entering a vendor name, e.g., Paris Cafe, XOBI will suggest questions it can answer regarding that vendor.


How much do I spend at Planet Pizza on average?


“When did I last eat Italian food?” results in the last transaction with a vendor who serves predominantly Italian food.

Please be patient as XOBI grows up. XOBI is only two years old today and will grow with help from users.

Transactions create a natural timeline for recalling an event. Whether you want to share a vacation with a friend, organize and split expenses from a party or keep better records for a business trip, XOBI gives you the power to record the details of meaningful memories.

To create a LIFE event, tap on LIFE from the tab bar. Add a title and optional cover photo. Choose to add related activities and photos. XOBI will tabulate the dollar amount spent on the event. Newly created events may be shared with or without dollar amounts. Previously annotated transactions e.g., photos, receipts, ratings or notes will also appear in your event. To personalize your event when sharing, add your photo in Settings. Your photo will then appear under “Shared by” and next to your name.

Sample LIFE events


Jeff’s 50th Birthday

Baby Showers

Inga’s Baby Shower

Bachelor Parties

Arthur’s Bachelor Party

Pet Related

Rich’s Puppy Expenses

Household Items

Jerome’s Kitchen Appliances


Nancy’s Favorite San Fran Restaurants


Oklahoma Business Trip

Tax Related

Ella’s Tax Related Items


YuChen China’s Trip


Christmas Gifts 2015


Garage Renovation


Girls’ Weekend

XOBI offers smart technology to match and store receipts with your transactions.

Snap a photo or email a receipt and XOBI will automatically attach your receipt to the appropriate transaction. All transactions with matching receipts are found in RECEIPTs along with any “unassigned” receipts.

Photo Receipts

Inside Receipts, snap a photo and XOBI automatically attaches the receipt to the appropriate transaction when possible, or will suggest likely transactions. The XOBI receipt camera function uses special technology for recognizing receipts. Best quality photos are achieved when the camera can identify all edges of a receipt. For extra long receipts that require more than one snapshot, XOBI may fail to suggest an appropriate match. Unmatched receipts are found in the “unassigned” bin and may be manually attached with a tap. Select the unassigned receipt and choose a matching transaction from the activities suggested below. See RECEIPTS in the tab bar.

Emailed Receipts

Forward any receipt to your personalized XOBI email address. Your personalized email address for receipts appears under the “?” in RECEIPTS. XOBI automatically attaches the receipt to the appropriate transaction when possible or will suggest likely transactions. Receipts not legible are found in the “unassigned” receipt bin and may be manually assigned later. See RECEIPTS in the tab bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change my email address? Plus

    Go to Settings on top left and select User Profile. Enter your XOBI password. Erase existing email and type in new email.  Hit back arrow to save. XOBI will send you an email confirming the change.  

  • How can I add or change my phone number? Plus

    Tap on Settings on top left and select User Profile. Enter your XOBI password. Tap on MOBILE NUMBER and enter new mobile number. XOBI will prompt you to check your messages for a one-time verification code.

    After confirming, a new text will arrive with the code to enter into the XOBI app. “Verify” and a pop-up confirms your mobile number has been verified.

  • How can I change my password? Plus

    From the login screen, hit “Forgot password.” Follow the steps in the “Reset Password” email XOBI sends you.

    While in XOBI, go to Settings and select User Profile. Enter your XOBI password. Select “Update Password” and type in new password. Hit “Update.”

  • How can I add my picture to personalize my app? Plus

    From Settings, tap on ADD PHOTO. Either “Choose Photo” from your photo library, or “Take Photo” to create a selfie on the spot. “Save.”

  • Why does XOBI need my banking credentials like my username and password? Plus

    We need your username and password for your financial institution to establish a secure and encrypted connection. We pass your user credentials directly through to your bank’s provider using industry standard Secure Socket Layer encryption. We do not store it. 

  • I can’t link my bank account. Plus

    Make sure your online banking credentials and the bank URL are correct. If so, logon to your bank directly to make sure you’re not locked out. If not, contact XOBI technicians at

  • I don’t see my bank listed. Plus

    Although XOBI currently supports thousands of banks, yours may not be one of them. Please contact us at to request we add your bank.

  • How can I link my investment accounts? Plus

    We currently do not support investment accounts, but are constantly adding new features. Please check back soon!

  • How do I add additional accounts? Plus

    In ACCOUNTS, find the ‘+’ sign on upper right, select your institution and enter your online banking credentials to link your data.

  • Do I have to link all my accounts from a particular institution? Plus

    No. After linking an institution, go to the ACCOUNTS navigator to select or deselect accounts to display in XOBI.

  • How do I delete my XOBI account? Plus

    Go to User Profile in Settings. After entering your XOBI password, tap on “Delete Account.” Type in the word “delete” to confirm, and hit “Delete.” You will automatically be logged out and receive an email confirming your XOBI account deletion and your data. This action cannot be reversed.

  • What is Ask XOBI? Plus

    Ask XOBI allows you ask in your own words any question you have regarding your linked account data. Think of XOBI as your virtual assistant for all financial questions. See Pro-Tips for Natural Language.

  • Why can’t I find “wedding” or other categories I may need? Plus

    Weddings and other life events are best captured under the LIFE navigator. We created Life Events for scenarios that computer algorithms can’t intuit. For example, XOBI would assign a category label a stationary store as a “home” purchase. Only you can determine, however, that it was, in fact, a purchase for a wedding announcement. The best way to track expenditures that are difficult for computer algorithms to intuit is by creating a Life Event.


    Weddings and other life events are best captured under the LIFE navigator. We created Life Events for scenarios that computer algorithms can’t intuit. For example, XOBI by default assigns “stationary stores” as a “home” purchase. Only you can determine, however, that it was, in fact, a purchase for a wedding announcement. Moreover, you can tag transactions [e.g., wedding] and search for them later.

  • How can I benefit from using Tags? Plus

    Tags are used to attribute or describe who or what an item or service is intended for, or to further detail an income source.  For example, you may want to tag a “fuel” transaction with “Honda.” Further enrichment of a user’s digital financial library is particularly useful for tax, business and bookkeeping purposes, or for sharing with friends and family via XOBI Life Events. After you tag a transaction, you can always look for it again by asking XOBI.

  • Does XOBI automatically tag some transactions? Plus

    Yes, XOBI automatically tags “have to” spend items as “Essential” and tax-related transactions “Tax Related.”

  • What does the tag “essential” mean? Plus

    XOBI tries to identify all your essential spending to help you determine your “have to” expenses. For example, XOBI automatically tags the master and subcategories listed below. You can always remove or tag more transactions as essential to reflect your own personal plan. 

    “Essential” Master Categories:

    Auto & Transport
    Professional Services
    Technology (hey, we can’t live without it either!)

    “Essential” Subcategories:

    Bill Pay
    Car Loan & Lease
    Equity Line
    Home Mortgage
    Personal Loan
    Student Loan
    Home Appliances
    Home Maintenance & Repair
    Home Services
    Home Supplies
    Salon, Spa, & Barber

  • How does XOBI answer questions like, “When did I last eat sushi?”  or “When did I last get a haircut?” Plus

    XOBI tries to associate common words with a particular merchant or category.  For instance, the word “doctor" is relevant to the “Medical” subcategory.  “Sushi” is relevant to a Japanese restaurant. 

  • How often does my data get updated? Plus

    Every 3 to 4 hours.

  • How can I search for a transaction? Plus

    There are two convenient ways to find a transaction.
    1. Ask XOBI via voice or text questions like, “Find my transaction on February 12th,” or “Find my Amazon transactions in May.”

    2. Perform a more traditional search within the ACTIVITIES navigator using the search field.

  • Can I edit my transactions? Plus

    Yes. You may select a different name or category by tapping on it in ACTIVITIES navigator. After editing, XOBI will ask you if you wish to apply the change to all similar transactions or just that one. In addition, you may also personalize your transactions by adding a note, tag, receipt, or photo to any transaction.

  • Why are some of my transactions uncategorized? Plus

    Some transactions may not contain enough information for XOBI to assign a category. To improve your XOBI experience, you can always assign an appropriate category for any transaction. This may also improve the quality of answers to some of your ASK XOBI questions.

  • How do I share an event from the LIFE navigator? Plus

    Once you have created an event, you can share it with friends & family by text or email.  Select the share icon in the bottom right corner of the event, and a pop-up will ask you if you want to share or hide the dollar value.  Then just choose to send a text or email to share.  Don’t worry, if you ever want to stop sharing the event, you can easily do that, by tapping the same share icon in the bottom right corner and selecting “Stop.”

  • How does XOBI enrich my transactions? Plus

    Where possible, XOBI will add a more “user friendly” merchant name, an address, phone number, and assign a category and logo.

  • In Life Events, do I have to share with my friends the dollar amounts? 

    No. After you select the share icon [insert icon] in the bottom right corner of an event, a pop-up will ask you if you want to hide or share the dollar amounts. 

  • I’m having trouble capturing a photo of my receipt… Plus

    For best results, try taking the photo on a flat, non-white surface.  Make sure that the receipt is flat, without any tears or creases. The camera will snap the photo once it has found the receipt edges.

  • What if my receipt doesn’t automatically match with a transaction? Plus

    If your receipt doesn’t automatically attach to the appropriate transaction, you can match it manually.  From the RECEIPTS navigator, tap on the receipt, select “Show all Activities” and search for the transaction by using the search field on top or by scrolling through listed transactions. Once you find the correct one, tap on it and select “Assign.”

  • I want to show my friend the XOBI App but I don’t want them to see my credit card and bank account balances. Can I hide these? Plus

    Yes. From HOME, click on the sunglasses icon to hide balances.  When you have your shades on, no one will see those balances. Just tap again for them to reappear.

  • Why do some transactions not have company logos? Plus

    We have enriched your transactions to make them easy to read and fun to interact with.  We are constantly adding logos and images to make your digital transactions look as beautiful as possible, so if you don’t see a logo right now, we are working hard to get it to you.  You can help XOBI enrich more of your transactions by editing (tap on) the merchant name or category.

  • How do I manage my receipts? Plus

    XOBI offers smart technology to match and store receipts. You can submit a receipt to XOBI either by snapping a photo while you are in XOBI or by emailing your receipts to you personalized email address. Your personalized email address is found under the ‘?’ in RECEIPTS. If XOBI doesn’t find a matching transaction for your receipt, it will reside in “assigned receipts,” under the RECEIPTS tab. You can always manually add it to a transaction.

  • I don’t recognize a transaction. How can I get more information? Plus

    From the ACTIVITIES tab, you may tap on a transaction to view the original bank record. If you still don’t recognize the transaction, you should contact your bank. If XOBI assigned the wrong merchant name or category, you can always edit the transaction by tapping on the merchant name or category.